Signet Diagnostic Imaging Services - Signet Diagnostics Fraudulent Double Billing Practices

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This company is fraudulent!DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING DONE HERE unless you want to have a billing nightmare.

My husband had an MRI done here in July 2012. He was fully covered by health insurance. In August, I received a bill for over $1202.00 stating that insurance coverage was denied. I called our health insurance company and resolved the issue, they confirmed that my husband was covered at the time of the service and that Signet Diagnostic Imaging Services was paid.

I called Signet's billing department and could not get any satisfaction or resolution. They said they had been paid and cashed the check, however they needed a letter from United Health stating they could keep the payment because of the mix up. United Health sent them an updated EOB (explanation of benefits) statement and that was not good enough for Signet's billing department, which is based in India and I could not speak to anyone who wasn't reading from a script. In November 2012, I had an updated EOB sent again and thought that the problem was behind us.

I was so wrong! In January, we received a letter from a collections company stating that we owed $1202. Since then, I have gone back and forth with health insurance and the collection agency. I cannot even get in touch with Signet's billing department and neither can United Health reps.

United Health has been very helpful in calling, writing letters and documenting all the details with their balance billing department, since it is illegal for Signet or the collection agency to be billing us for amounts that are beyond the agreed upon rate between Signet and United Health.

This is the worst experience anyone could ever imagine when insurance is doing the right thing and this company along with their shady collection agency are behaving so horribly.

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